Mr. Robin’s Neighborhood

A photo tour from home into town, through woods, fields, alleys, and streets.

Gateway into the woods along a deer path

I did get a picture of the many robins I saw along the walk, but they all came out like little brown blurry spots because as soon as I snapped the photo they would take off, and I don’t have a high-tech camera.  But it’s still a robin’s neighborhood, thus the name of this post.  Walk with me as I go from our door into town!

Cool waters in a small stream

The beautiful walk begins at our doorway, stepping beneath Tibetan prayer flags seen in the post Check Out Our New Den!  Then it’s through the back woods, across a stream, and a walk along alleys and hilly streets lined with lush green bushes, grass, and mini-parks.  The neighborhood feels like a rural one, with gardens, cows and chickens in a few yards and lots of forested areas, but it’s still in the urban city, with traffic and many houses.  There is a moisture to the air that smells of cool cement and mud, along with lilacs and honeysuckle.

Stone bridge

Hoof print from a deer

You can sometimes see deer, will always meet a friendly dog or two, and hear a skink dart back under the carpet of leaves at your feet every five steps.  Wood smoke and piles of firewood along the alley make the walk feel earthy and pleasant as you pass by rock walls with little offerings placed upon them, like flowers, small stones, seashells, and even a pineapple!  I’m not sure if this is intentional, purposeful, or child’s play, but it’s lovely.


more wildflowers

a curious deer

cat with mailbox

caterpillar crawling up my arm

row of cedars?

beautiful flowering bush

a willow tree on Willow St.


one of many random park-like spots

pretty purple vines

pink bush in bloom

spring-filled pink & white street

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Debbie Hackney

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. The flower under the mail box is a purple spiderwort. It can get very Bush like covered with tubular purple flowers. It was all over the park where you redid your wedding vows. Also, the flowing like purple flowers on that fence could be wisteria. It is very viney and beautiful. The flowers always hang downward. Again, a perennial flower that can grow in the wild. Transplanted seeds from birds. Very nice. 🙂

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