Summer of Solutions: Farmer’s Market Stop Motion Video

Tomorrow is the first day of the Farmer’s Market!

Admittedly, I’m writing this post a month in advance because I’m that excited about the Farmer’s Market.  It’s my favorite place in all of Fayetteville, and my favorite activity besides going to the zoo.  You never know what you’ll see there this year: monkeys, magicians, cute puppies, belly dancers, beautiful crafts and flower bouquets, and of course the main event: delicious produce, eggs, jams and more from hard-working farmers who literally feed the community and keep it alive.

To celebrate the day, here’s a special treat to honor a hard-working organization called Grand Aspirations.  Their program, Summer of Solutions, has focused on many different topics including local food.  The Fayetteville SoS 2010 team of youth in high school made my favorite stop motion video of all time!  Move over Burl Ives and Rudolph!  It’s about food, using food to tell the story of eating healthy and locally by purchasing from a farmer, cooking, and sharing.

Check out Grand Aspirations & enjoy this video from Summer of Solutions!

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