Periods for the Planet

The Free Weekly is out today, and it’s all about the Party in My Pants! (ahem, meaning non-disposable menstrual products)

Sorry for the delay on Ripples posts; Ryan got sick, then I got sick, and Thanksgiving occurred somewhere in there along with many Ripples’ Cookie orders to fill (more on that in a future post).  I’m still feeling crummy, but wanted to add links to the sustainable menstrual products mentioned in Making Ripples this week. Check out our column on Periods for the Planet, and enjoy the products listed below from these online retailers (no I’m not being paid to say this, actually I just find the idea of rainbow owls on a soft fleece pad much more appealing than bleached cotton disposables). Also, click below to view and print a brochure I made (Women’s Alternatives) that you can give to a girl or woman who may be interested in reducing waste and declaring her period for the planet!


“Sweet Hoots,” my favorite print design from Canadian-born Lunapads!

Women’s Alternatives Brochure



Party In My Pants

Many Moons Alternatives

The Keeper

The Mooncup

The Diva Cup


Lotus Pads

Moon Pads

What’s Slang for Menstruation?

As promised, after sharing the alternative options for women, I thought I’d share some alternative words for menstruation:

  • Running with the Red Dog
  • On the Rag
  • Charlie Brown
  • Drop an Egg
  • Aunt Flow
  • Blooming Your Flowers
  • On the White Cotton Horse
  • Furry Red Mouse

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