Remarkable, Recyclable Umbrellas

This rainbow-colored, flexibly-designed umbrella is completely recyclable.

Ryan & I go through umbrellas quite often.  After all, we don’t own a personal vehicle and it tends to rain sometimes.  In fact, it may even STORM with high winds that are talented at breaking umbrellas which cannot be recycled.  That’s frustrating, and lately we’ve taken to just getting wet and using a towel.  But sometimes rain is cold, and unpleasant.  So are there options that can help reduce the 1 billion umbrellas that are broken, lost, improperly disposed of, and go into a landfill each year?  Is there an umbrella that doesn’t contribute to the huge amount of umbrella metal disposed of each year (enough to build the Eiffel Tower 25 times annually)?  Is there an umbrella that doesn’t use the polyester canopy that takes 100 years to biodegrade and could cover a city the size of New York in umbrella canopies sent to the landfill each year??  Yes!  One option that’s in production is the Ginkgo Umbrella, that has reduced the number of umbrella parts from the traditional 120 to just 20.  All of its parts are made from one material that is 100% recyclable: polypropylene, the same material that will  be used in the salvaged bags that will form the walls of Ripples’ earthbag home.  To be honest, I don’t find polypropylene to be completely sustainable.  But it’s much, much better than what we’re currently doing to our planet.  Watch this video to learn more about Ginkgo Umbrellas and the environmental effects of traditional umbrellas:

Ginkgo pitch ENG from ginkgo on Vimeo.

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I love it that it’s customizable…sweet!


I know! I was super excited when I stumbled across it. I sense one of these appearing in our future. 🙂

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