Sunflower Growing from Leaves

This little sunflower demonstrates true resilience in the natural world.

Determined Sunflower

I noticed it while sweeping the deck of a former pool in the yard outside our door.  This tiny plant was determined to grow even without any ground.  It sprouted from the leaf litter which had sat for quite some time in the bottom of the pool, decomposing.  I watched it grow for several weeks, applauding it, even though I knew it couldn’t hear me.  Somebody has to take notice of the unseen resilience in our world, and spread word that far-fetched ideas, even if proven unsuccessful, are not worthless.  This sunflower eventually died and decomposes along with the leaves, but of all the sunflowers I’ve seen in my life, I’ll never forget this one for standing out so vividly.  Its power lies not so much in the sunflower’s growth, as what it grew inside the people who saw it: astonishment, hope, admiration, joy, courage…

My hope for Ripples is that someday we can be like this sunflower and inspire others to live more sustainably, despite the seeming impossibility of a lifestyle that goes against the grain. There are countless examples of resilience in nature. What’s your favorite?  Please share in the comments below.

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