Announcing Our Location: Historic Johnson Pear Farm!

Many thanks go out to all of you!

Amanda picking peonies at the historic Johnson Pear Farm where Ripples earthbag cabin will be built.

Amanda picking peonies at the historic Johnson Pear Farm where Ripples earthbag cottage will be built.

It’s kept us going to know that so many of you have followed our story for years now. Thanks!  We will be building our off-grid earthbag cabin (designed by architect Owen Geiger, Natural Building Blog) at the historic Johnson Pear Farm, just south of the Fayetteville city limits on Kessler Mountain in Arkansas. This is about a 15 minute drive from downtown Fayetteville on good roads. We’re partnering with Anne Prichard and the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust to protect 167 acres with a conservation easement. This area is within the Beaver Lake watershed, and is host to various native plant and animal species. We’re happy to begin contributing to the already fantastic work being done by other private land owners and organizations on Kessler Mountain! It has immense historical and ecological value for our community.

Free weekend workshops on earthbag building will be offered in a family-friendly setting beginning in October 2015 – come on out and join us! Visit our new FAQ page for detailed answers to your questions, or contact us:

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Amin Ullah Kakar

Congratulations! Wish you best of LUCK! 🙂

Amanda Bancroft

Amin thank you very much! I hope to soon be chatting with you all on Skype. We are working out details for how to get internet that can access Skype out where the house will be. Thanks for the luck! 🙂

Van Bivens

Woot! Congrats!

Sarah Nusser

Hi! I used to play on this farm with my sister growing up – in the late 80s and early 90s. My mom met Anne Prichard, possibly through her NW Arkansas Symphony guild work. We’d spend the day on the farm, picking flowers for our teachers, climbing trees, looking for arrowheads. I’d play the violin and my sister would draw for Anne and her father. I think Anne always had gingersnaps on hand for us. It was a cherished place for us with lots of wonderful memories.


Thanks for sharing such sweet memories Sarah! I just saw your comment today, I’m sorry for the late reply. We’d love to meet you out at the farm sometime! Anne is doing wonderfully and visits often.


What is going on at New Pear these days? Is there another blog or way of keeping up (other than fb).?


Hello! If you’re interested in Ben Johnson’s New Pear property, which borders the Historic Johnson Farm tracts, you could get in touch with the owner, Ozark Land Trust (the tracts near Round Top Mt have been overrun by invasives, and OLT is starting a project to restore it; the fields on the opposite side of the road are leased to Across the Creek Farm mainly for chicken production). If you’re also interested in Anne Johnson Prichard’s tracts, with a conservation easement held by Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, no, there is no other blog besides this one and I’m sorry to… Read more »

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