Bicycle Commuting – Again!

Ryan can once again commute to work via bicycle!

Ryan ready to commute

It’s been several years since he has been unable to bike to work due to road hazards and being in a rural area. But recently, the Kessler Mountain Regional Park just got connected to the rest of Northwest Arkansas via their new bike trail! It’s wonderful to ride on, and he’s quite happy to be back in the saddle again. Living without a car has always been part of our Ripples project. We went car-free for several years while living in a Fayetteville apartment. It made logistics challenging, but we got more exercise and saved money. We’re happy to be transitioning to less driving and healthier activity! You don’t have to get rid of your car to enjoy these driving alternatives we wrote about previously, most of which are free. -Amanda

Here’s Ryan’s take on getting back into it:

Kessler Mountain Regional Park

It’s hard to find words to express all of the sensations of that first ride.  In no particular order, the following fit:  exhilaration, lift, glide, hope.  Life.  With almost 2.5 years between me and my last ride, I had thought to ease myself back into it, and wasn’t sure how many of the finer skills stuck with me.  Almost immediately after starting back up, though, it just felt simple, like coming home.  I had the urge to go as fast as I could, and couldn’t keep a fat grin off my face.  I guess that’s why “just like riding a bike” is so commonly used to explain unforgettable skills; even the nuances (taking tight turns, riding hands free, etc.) were immediately available.  It’s moments like these that make me revere the small things, like functional legs… well, maybe not “small,” but certainly under-acknowledged.  🙂

Seeing a few bunnies, a groundhog, and several squirrels was a lovely bonus, too.

Our lives are complex enough currently that a ride only once or twice a week is possible, but I will take advantage of every opportunity.  I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity again.  Thank you, Fayetteville, for investing in non-gas-powered forms of transportation infrastructure. -Ryan

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