Old Drawings

Boy in a field, and a drawing of a sculpture of the Virgin Mary

Boy in a field, and a drawing of a sculpture of the Virgin Mary

Old, moldy oil painting from school days...

Old, moldy oil painting from school days…

Nothing beats childhood for having free time.  Even now, as an artist in my 30’s selling art professionally, I think my most productive time was during middle school.  My middle school art teacher was the one who taught me most of the skills I have, and went beyond nurturing an appreciation for art.  I’ve loved drawing and creative hobbies since I was really little, but she taught me technique and discipline.  What sticks with me most from those classes is her instruction to draw what I can observe, not what I think I know.

I can still remember the art room so vividly that it seems I must have been there recently, despite not seeing it in about 15 years.  The room had a combination of paint and construction paper smells, and I recall the way the squared tables and stools felt to touch them and discover some blob of glue.  It was such a happy place to be that it didn’t feel like school at all, it felt more like a break room.  A place to be authentic.

100_6322One of the earliest drawings that I’ve still saved is a sketch of my mother’s hand holding a mug.  She patiently held her hand still for me while I took a loooong time drawing it.  Quick sketches have never been my thing.  I have been greatly interested in drawing hands and cups ever since – obviously: Tea with Peter Rabbit and Cupful of Bunnies.  Most of my best work from middle and high school was given away to non-profit organizations for their silent auction events, or to friends.  I never even photographed the pieces, unfortunately.  Of course, I kept the awkward incomplete sketches of negative space, various household objects, and all the portraits that didn’t turn out very well.  As an adult, I’m proud that I was so generous, but rather wish it had been the other way ’round and that I had kept my best work!

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