Happy Birthday Ripples!

Ripples is 1 Year Old!

Oops! We’ve been so caught up with researching ways to heal Amanda’s health problems and adjusting to the maze which is our new solar-powered blog website, that we forgot to celebrate Ripples’ birthday!  Can you believe we’ve been doing this for one whole year?

Amanda’s first blog post on Ripples was September 17th, 2011.  We went “live” and launched on Moving Planet Day, September 27th, 2011. Since then, we’ve written about green technology, organic food, native wildlife, gardening, alternative energy, bicycling, and so much more.  This has been a learning experience for us, as our first serious blog as well as our entire lifestyle.  Every day we wake up thinking, “How can we make the most of the life energy we have at our disposal today?” The answer is always to apply it to Ripples, whether that’s applying creative energy into Ripples’ art and design, or mental energy through researching sustainability topics, or physical energy via gardening.  While we can’t wait to see what our second year will bring, it’s good to pause and appreciate our accomplishments.  On the highway to productivity, we often forget the rejuvenating rest stops.

Favorite Blog Posts, September 2011 – 2012

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Ripples in 2011

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The Strength of Weak Ties







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Happy birthday Ripples. Hope the next year is beautiful too.

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